Weekly Programs Schedule

Wednesday In-House Pennant

Our most popular competition is our In-house pennant, which is held every week on Wednesday. Each pennant runs for 6 weeks. In this competition, you will be allocated into a team and will play one squash match against an opponent from another team. Matches are best of five games, to 15 points. Each team accumulates points, based on their performance against other teams, ultimately determining the winning team of the in-house pennant.

  • Wednesdays @ 7pm
  • Wednesday pennant is included in your membership, or it’s $14 for your match

Keen to play? Send us a message!

Walk-In Squash

Walk-In Squash is great for intermediate players looking for extra hits against other players.

Walk-In-Squash is included in your membership, or it is $14 to join.

  • Monday 5:30pm
  • Thursday 5:30pm

Come along and give it a go!

Entry is by the door in the corner of the car park.


Thursday Inter-Club Pennant

This competition is great for advanced players wanting another pennant match each week. This pennant rotates between Eastside Squash Centre (Bellerive), Parsons Squash Centre (Derwent Park), and Kingborough Sports Centre (Kingston) each week.

  • Thursdays @ 7pm
  • $110 for 14 weeks

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Masters Squash

If you’re over 35 years of age, Masters Squash Pennant is the perfect opportunity for you. Each night, there are three matches per court, using timed point-a-rally scoring with two halves. The first half is 20 minutes long, followed by a 15-minute second half. It’s an excellent workout! With a maximum of 36 players, each pennant usually lasts 11 weeks.

Masters Pennant takes place on Monday nights, starting at 7:30 pm and finishing at 9:45 pm. After the matches, there’s a supper in the clubroom, providing an opportunity to socialize and connect with fellow players.

Masters squash is not only about competitive play; it also fosters a friendly and supportive social atmosphere.

Follow the Facebook page: Tasmanian Masters Squash

Tuesday Night Rockit Pennant

Another weekly squash pennant is available at Parsons Squash Centre in Derwent Park. Starting from 7pm each Tuesday, have a hit against someone of similar ability!

Cost: $12.50 per week

Keen to play? Message the Parsons Facebook page or send an email to parsonssquash@gmail.com


Gentle Squash

Gentle squash is a modified version of squash designed for elderly players to help develop hand-eye co-ordination and aerobic fitness with minimal footwork (if you can walk, you can play). The program involves a warm-up and then hitting with a foam ball, alternating hitting with your opponent.

Gentle Squash is a great way for elderly people to stay physically active. Some of the benefits are outlined below:

  • Improve strength
  • Improve hand-eye co-ordination
  • Improve balance and movement
  • Improve endurance

Every Friday 1:30 – 3:00pm, followed by a cuppa and a chat. All equipment is provided.
$5 per session

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If you are unable to make it each week, we can put you down as a fill-in. That way you don't need to commit each week to playing

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