Casual Entry Details

Court bookings (7am – 10pm) are essential for casual players and members.

Cost: $28 per court or $14 per person.

Use the booking system below.                                 

Download the GymMaster App on your phone.      

Log in with your email, using your mobile number as the password.

Access is through the bottom corner door via Bluetooth. Press ‘Check in’ on the GymMaster App. Do not hold phone against the device reader, just stand near the door and wait for Bluetooth entry. 


Gear up! Racquets are available in the squash chair. Balls are on the bench.


Remember to turn off the lights and close the door prior to leaving. Thanks!

Access into the centre is available 15 minutes before your booking starts and remains open during your booking. Access will close 5 minutes before the end of your booking time.

Additional Information

GymMaster App Usage:

  • Keep the GymMaster App on your phone for viewing, changing, cancelling, or re-booking courts in the future.
  • GymMaster can also be used at Parsons Squash Centre for court bookings.
  • Remember to update your password in the ‘Member Portal’ on the website homepage. Log in with your details (email and mobile) to change your password.
  • Feel free to call us (6244 1386) or send a Facebook message if you have trouble getting into the centre.

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